++ love ++

I always only think it is painful.

Nevertheless, as usual

Budding love

By my desire as foolish

It gives oneself up and anything disappears.

It is betrayed by a light expectation at one o'clock.

It is damaged and suffers.

It cries in tatters.

It sheds tears, it throws, and refreshingly.

It is some day settled.

Though it is such a repetition

Moreover, it comes to like someone.

The degree is a degree that seems to fall. seem to go mad

By vanishing of the degree reason that seems to collapse

Word that tells and doesn't cut to which desire is not told

One o'clock for you even if it is capricious

Even love at only moment : because it doesn't care.

Please let me realize small hope.

You like it.

あんばらんすぅ unbalanceu