++ love ++

I always only think it is painful.

Nevertheless, as usual

Budding love

By my desire as foolish

It gives oneself up and anything disappears.

It is betrayed by a light expectation at one o'clock.

It is damaged and suffers.

It cries in tatters.

It sheds tears, it throws, and refreshingly.

It is some day settled.

Though it is such a repetition

Moreover, it comes to like someone.

The degree is a degree that seems to fall. seem to go mad

By vanishing of the degree reason that seems to collapse

Word that tells and doesn't cut to which desire is not told

One o'clock for you even if it is capricious

Even love at only moment : because it doesn't care.

Please let me realize small hope.

You like it.

あんばらんすぅ unbalanceu

wasn't eternal

++ wasn't eternal ++

Dream of talking about getting warm of touching skin in the future
There was no what felt such dear.

It only watches even if talking casually each other.
It falls in love so much, it doesn't part ..abhorring..,
and it is done what it is.

It believes so and it confirms it so each other.
It was thought this time was eternal.

It was such dear and did not do any doubt.
Until that day realized that there in this world.

I who was nothing but seeing you whom opponent has off.
It is such painful and miserable of oneself.

In forgotten impossible such a thing.
The time spent with you doesn't vanish.

Dream of talking about getting warm of touching skin in the future.
There were no what felt such dear.

あんばらんすぅ unbalanceu

winter sky

++ winter sky ++

The grain of a small snow.
Way of white spider silk

To the ways of us who were too young
It buoyantly drifts buoyantly.

It runs about the sky of winter.

Small grain that shouldered hope

If it is fueled by the wind, it is soon.

Though it seems to put out
It flutters down slowly.
It gets off one by one.

In the melting aspect if you touch
Though delicate feelings are too transient
It is there if looking about.

As it hesitating toward to where
A small desire is carried.
It dances one by one and it gets off.

Interstice of hope and failure
It gets off slowly while shaking.

あんばらんすぅ unbalanceu


++ Embarrassed ++

The rumor if there is previously truth

I do not want to hear anything any further.

Your geniality had the solution.

Wry comments were only beaten.

Even if it hits each other or it fights

It laughed at the end somehow each other.

Speaking face to face

It was only embarrassed.

In years how many

There is a desire that doesn't change either.

Even if it hits each other or it fights

Re-former after all

Nobody, not being possible to say also :.

Only as for you, the solution grows dark selfishly.

あんばらんすぅ unbalanceu

was a mistake

++ was a mistake ++

On the day when you reported the goodbye
Time passed fairly.

It was sad or is lonely.
It is not possible to show in such an easy word.

However, it answers of your getting.
Whether is it its correct answer or not?
I do not have from the solution.

Perhaps, only you must have from the solution.

To you possibly still
Though it might not be from the solution

It sometimes thinks.
When the person hears it, it is unlimited.
To you mistaking convenient.

Your being likely being likely to show up again
If you often think though it is impossible
Though it is true and it is not possible

It is not possible to do very.
I powerless looked small.

It thought what you were able to do.

The answer that has come out
See off no....

When it is a correct answer
It was settled in I.

Nothingness that remains back
Dilemma that cannot do anything

Still, you
I was going to have given a clear-cut attitude.

What did you at that time have?

The real reason
I do not know yet.

And, to me at that time
It is only accepted.
There is from the solution whether there was a container.

It is and becomes confused surely.
Though was not anything able to be done

However, now.
It is possible to finish receiving it now surely.
I am only felt like so.

Still, if it returns
Because everything is caught
Will of surely receive it

Even what fact
Even if it is pointed at the presence

Solution selfish
Even if you ..these kind of things.. think

Being not able to meet you any longer

There is a solution on the head.
was tightened and tears spilt.

Regret word.
It will become mortifying later.
It is what really as shown in the character.

After all, having realized it.
Result of putting out of me at that time
The answer
When it was a mistake.

あんばらんすぅ unbalanceu


++ innocence ++

Fact of name of past

What is a target god's will to live?

The translation is from the solution.

Only in inertia

Time passes.

Moment when clock hand comes in succession

The memory when old crosses each other.

The harmony of time and the space begins to fall into disorder.

When it is a machinelike mind

Some day pitifully

Eye difference of contempt

It sublimes to the blink of the delight.

Only the record made the best use of

This stagnation was supported.

It is not profitable or useless.

It is ..appropriating..
as for words and phrases that can be measured and known.


Crime of name of innocence

あんばらんすぅ unbalanceu


++ product ++

Accepting also

Solitude cannot be shaken off.

You may worry and suffer.

Saving only one person also

Even carrying out oneself

It may seem to be annoying.

Small happiness in the presence

In whom is the right to grip

Even if you damage someone at times

You may become selfish.

Without difficultly thinking

As it is it lives and all.

あんばらんすぅ unbalanceu


++ swore ++

It always fights.
It became it in this way why.

Even if it thinks or it thinks
There is no cause from the solution.

What can you do now?

It suddenly noticed it.

It swore it in pure those days.

Important thing
It noticed it at time in the evening.

That every day
It has forgotten now.

I in those days.
The unshakable oath
Though it is not thought that it is
The loved thing with love.

Those days that were able to be said obediently

It so borrowed the solution and it dressed it.
Because it is us

You loved
You who was important
It is not the past again.
Let's do that it is important soon.

It was easy.

Your smile and the resentful look
All are anything the favor.

It is always too much in by the side.
It only became natural.

Only the supper is eaten and pierced.

あんばらんすぅ unbalanceu


++ nostalgia ++

That scenery seen by two people

It was not believed that it changed at what time.

In the memory though it completely dyes to sepia

The desire at that time never fades.

あんばらんすぅ unbalanceu

It was dirty city

++ It was dirty city ++

Inside in this town that becomes a little dirty

Boredom is played with.

Every day without purpose

It spends it why.

The yearned existence

It some day changes into the target.

Every day when it lived somehow

It became empty very much.

Though it is said that it will live in now

Though it was said that live in now

How should I do?

How should I live?

Seeming to have satisfied it

It really significant?

Existence that aims

Now though it seems to reach

Only to live is vain.

I who was dirty.

The obtained reality

Shape besides hoped thing

Having become a little dirty

It was me.

あんばらんすぅ unbalanceu

little more

++ little more ++

I timid
It is not possible to come to like it.
That day at the time of which it was depressed.
Someone's voice because it is me cowardly
I wanted you to hear it.

Every day when it gets depressed
Repeated those days

I who looked down cannot come to like it.
It shed tears and it spilt.

To your geniality
When noticing it
Even I am a mysterious degree.
The mind was made to dance.

If courageous a little more
If I was able to change a little more
Can it strengthen a little?

The sigh was lucky.
That day has already ended.
I do now.
Let's try to watch.

If courageous a little more
If I was able to change a little more
Can it strengthen a little?

If it was possible to become gentle a little more
If you were able to believe me a little more
It is possible to come to like it surely.

あんばらんすぅ unbalanceu

Isn't satisfied

++ Isn't satisfied ++

It is not possible to understand.
This time that is shouldered the dark, trembles, and waited for
It exists in the presence.
It is possible to judge it in all.
It lurked in the furnace afterwards.
There is a guidepost only in the dark.
Sound that hears faintly from among darkness
Feeling it is possible to strain one's ears and it can do nothing but look for.
No matter what I even hear or what it grips it
The voice is never raised even if convinced.
Moment that touched partial conviction of shadow
This bosom that is possible to be able to exist and was hidden
No matter what it is said by others
It is yourself foolish who walks on my road in.
Even if the phantom seen eyes reflects beautifully
It is not necessarily a correct answer like seeming natural.
The guidepost is seen in the interior of the mystery and the dark.
It is not necessarily a road that smoothing over saves.
I must want you to accept it the difference ..not fulfilling...
It is a little crossing if it confirms it.
When it is trifling if it confirms it
Even if it hides oneself still secretly now
When it is necessary to reach when it is necessary to find it
Such a wish comes into view surely.
Oneself has the feared thing.
Nature and fear have disappeared if noticing it.

あんばらんすぅ unbalanceu


++ denial ++

If you see from by the side

..thinking independently..

The answer surely.

It is very easy.

However, you

It is not possible to solve it though it does very.

The answer surely.

Though it has already gone out

I do not want only to admit.

I do not want only to believe.

It only refuses.

The pointed reality

Myself who cannot accept

If you admit

Though it is likely to be able to become easy

The more it thinks, the more

Becoming pitch-dark the presence.

I do not want only to admit.

I do not want only to believe.

It only refuses.

If you forget rather

Though it is likely to be able to become easy

Eyes are only averted.

Nothing is solved.

Such a thing is solution selfish

There is no method even if it rots.

あんばらんすぅ unbalanceu


++ light ++

It looks up at starry sky.

The dream of imagining it

Opponent in that star

Original of this night sky

Some day ..this.. ..the wish..

It changes into two dream.

Night visited again

Jet-black darkness inside

I do not hear your voice.

Line light will before long.

To the way of the shooting star

It begins to shine on my desire.

あんばらんすぅ unbalanceu


++ whisper ++

The silence visited again inside

To your pupil

What do you see?

It visits many times.

The glance in the dark previously

What do you see?

To shake off solitude

It is not possible even to run away.

It trembled.

However, it said at that time.

Only the whisper of you who is not a small word

It reaches my feelings.

あんばらんすぅ unbalanceu


++ crescent ++

Nothing was said and it saw quietly.

No one sees.

It thought so.

No one notices it.

It felt it so.

It started somehow.

Nothing began to be reported.

Your with no words was seen.

Why safe

Time beyond bearing

Because it relies on you at such time

The outstretched hand at one time.

Because my mind was melted

The moment that is now is warm.

You who thought it is dear

Therefore, I want you to be there.

There like that day

あんばらんすぅ unbalanceu


++ bitter ++

A painful desire

It doesn't disappear indefinitely.

Someone's geniality

It became dear.

If the sun grows dark and it darkens

Even if you can conceal the expression

It doesn't disappear from the mind.

Even on such painful a night at times

Even if it is mortifying

The thrown thing cannot be done.

Such you

It doesn't want to be seen by someone.

In the thin endurance It does.

However, it is strong.

The impression was bitter.

あんばらんすぅ unbalanceu


++ receiver ++

The word alone that was not able to be said

Thing that says really

Like raised fist

In a fist that was higher

It is difficult to return it.

The vomited word

Even if you put the place

Because it does,
it becomes learning by experience,
and it remains

Though it becomes easy if you say

It quietly endures it the mind.

The word not said

Until changing into the word that should be said

あんばらんすぅ unbalanceu


++ exposes ++

Hazily ..this..

It revives many times and is painful.

When you visit you

It wants it in chain.

I want you not to shut it.

When you ask it

begins to disregard everything.

It says even times how many.

If you asked it

With tears concealed

Because only the truth is spoken

あんばらんすぅ unbalanceu


++ little ++

You yourself.

Though it is said small existence

You are very.

In big existence

However, you

It doesn't only notice.

And, for me

Very important existence

You when it is important

When not thinking

You sincerely

When becoming unbelievable

The punishment that someone is big

Please give it to me.

あんばらんすぅ unbalanceu


++ unpleasantness ++

Because it asks

Please manage to say.

Can silence

It is ..solving... how it is uneasy

If you do not say anything

There is about what you do not think from the solution.

If it is unpleasant
Please say so.

From trivial existence

Trivial existence

Disliking it

Because it is still saved

It doesn't say.
It is not from the solution.

あんばらんすぅ unbalanceu

however wants

++ however wants ++

It placed in the different place
I doesn't want to lose you

Two of from when it might

Having become such a relation

As for anything, it cannot concentrate on the time away.

Only a bad presentiment floats on the head.

Even if it encounters and it exists together

You did not laugh.

The line of vision is a different somewhere place.

Where has the mind been put?

It comes to by the side because anything need not be said.

Even if comparison you's mind is away

As long as you can be felt

nothing is hoped for.

Anything cannot be hoped for.

It doesn't care even if it is false

Than it becomes

not possible forever to meet

あんばらんすぅ unbalanceu

was rescued

++ was rescued ++

Because you are gentle
It sacrifices oneself.


In the geniality
Though it was saved many times

Because you are too gentle
Therefore, it has a pain in the chest.
Therefore, it is painful.

あんばらんすぅ unbalanceu


++ time ++


Winter that not is

You who disappears suddenly

It was not possible to stop it.

At that time

Though it is not possible to return

You at that time are not forgotten.

Those days

Time ticked away together

Very much

It is likely to only have to wait.


That winter comes.

That time
Time that two people passed

The word that was not able to be said at that time also

I think that it can say now.

あんばらんすぅ unbalanceu

favorite person

++ favorite person ++

To a natural way up to now

This place that has been spent

To your reactive each one

It has fluctuated between hopes and fears.

Becoming separate

Though it is very sad

No squids of it is because of whom.

They want to embarrass and no squids.

When thinking that it becomes impossible to have seen any longer

It becomes lonely feelings.

It is said that it is a lie and though it is desirous

If you decided it

It accepts.

Person of favorite goodbye

あんばらんすぅ unbalanceu



++ place ++

If spring comes, cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

We are watched indefinitely.

After it separates from you

It doesn't change for a long time.

The thing with a sad happy thing also

It has sent it in this place.

The world where it lives is different now.

It is not in the distance where it cannot walk.

Memory of every day of laughing each other

It was comforted each other every day.

It sometimes recalls it.

Especially, the thing when it walks with you

Trees that colored in red are looked at.

We who began to walk slowly

The season changes.

Scenery must change.

Every day spent in this place

A road advanced of us is mistaking.

Place watched for a long time

even by degrees how many no matter it is what.

It can reach here at last.

This road me to it at one time.

Because it is thought that it leads

empty in autumn

++ empty in autumn ++

When the cosmos blooms

There was meeting you.

When it is a favorite flower

You said so.

The sunlight of spring is received.

We minds were made to leap, too.

So that it is possible to think so

The by the side of me

The smile at which you laugh

It thinks because it stares into vacant space.

does the grumble to the cloud of summer.

By the mutter so

Even my feelings

It sees through and it bids farewell to it.

And, your appearance :.

Much other side from it


To the way of the autumnal sky

This desire

The mind also far gets cold.


To the way of the wind of winter.

That....empty.. drinking.. ..floatage.. distance of

Even if the mind of two people parts

It begins to think.

The cosmos flower

Every time it blooms.

cherry blossoms

++ cherry blossoms ++

A beautiful appearance is glittering momentarily.

Ka will connect the scattering truth before long.

Appearance that greets these eyes of me

Appearance that has been seen up to now

Not the current noticing either

I think coming into view dimly.

This place visited again

Thing that had been seen up to now

It has not seen it up to now.

Faintly, it comes that they are some solutions.

Scenery looked at at what time

The petal of cherry blossoms stops on your head.

The appearance to scatter and to go

It is sad somewhere.

It is easy why.

To your way


++ two ++

Even if it leaves far

Even if it speaks no word

The intention

reaches about why it is.

If you are nearby,

the feelings become quiet.

It wants to live together forever.

Even if far away

It can borrow the solution why each other.

Even if you do not talk about any word

The intention reaches why.

Only you are in by the side.

The mind is relieved why.

In the same place indefinitely

When it is possible to live, it is good.


++ distance ++

No matter how it runs

It is not possible to catch up.

Your back figure

It disappears in the snowstorm.

No matter how you run after

The distance doesn't contract.

Even even if you advance ten steps

You ten steps are previously.

Look at the phantom.


++ without ++

If you reach it

It seems to reach immediately.

What time is it?

It floats much on the sky.

Desire of that seems to be forgotten

Feelings that have been spent are on the clouds.

Feelings that forget at what time

If it strains one's ears

The heard scenery

It forgot.

Nostalgic desire

While making summer smelt

Though it is necessary to have repeated many times

I do not want must to lose it at what time.

The corner of the memory is good.

Please without forgetting


++ spring ++

Convenient reason

Only the lie ‥

Though it expected somehow

However, solution selfish

so much

It is a separation
..not waiting.. as for the visit of spring.

Sadness also

Lonely feelings also

If spring comes

It is forgotten surely.


++ view ++

Packed train inside

The body is left to the shake in spiritlessness.

The usual tedious start during a day

Scenery outside window

Scenery to which it gets tired of seeing

Place that always passes

Station always gotten off

If you will not change something

It cannot know whether it is the state as it is all its life.

Let's start from tomorrow.

It might surely be the same tomorrow even if it thinks so.

Face seen every day

All same expressions

Scenery outside window

Scenery to which it gets tired of seeing


Time seems to stop.

Even if I am not tomorrow

The same scenery will be repeated.

important person

++ important person ++

Even if it compares and this body is damaged

Even if it compares and this world ends

Important thing that loses

Space where you are

The scenery that you saw also

This room spent with you also

Thing with all important story of you

Even if it compares and it is disliked

Even if you lose the comparison anything else

Important person who doesn't want to lose


++ excusing ++

When clarifying

Then, in the end aspect

A relation not clear

It seems to be agreeable.

However, you cowardly

Dare in thinking so

A relation not clear

It did not destroy it.

You who doesn't have confidence

Excuse to deceive

Still now

Only at this vague time

It wishes that it continue long.

When clarifying

Then, because it seems to end


++ canned ++

It lost it somewhere.

Canned food with which hope is blocked

When opening it by two some time

That summer pledged each other

From the window of the train

Light on poured day

By a little dazzling

It is just pleasant.

It got off the station.

The travel of the stopover

You one are left.

It is not possible to go.

Does tomorrow come?

Do it become later ten years?

It : to me.

Even you might not have from the solution either.

It takes a breather here.

Even only the excuse

A cool relation

It was able to be thought for a long time that it was Massey.

Even if you grumble at times

Being possible to dispute is also happy.

Occasionally because it is also good

I only want you to be in by the side.

..a certain day.. coincidence

Canned food of having lost it

Every day without such another love

It is likely to be found.

It lost it somewhere.

Canned food with which hope is blocked

When opening it by two some time

Day of that summer pledged each other

It seems to be me

++ It seems to be me ++.

I seem to be me.
It is easy.
It is difficult.

I seem to be me.
It is very.
It is a difficult thing.

If you compromise

Though it is possible to become easy

It breathes deeply.

It thought a little.

Such dexterous

The way of life

It doesn't seem to be me.

other side

++ other side ++

What desire

Am it being turned by me?

Be uneasy and in uneasiness

Only in my believing

The answer


It is not possible to do.

I wanted to confirm it.

Whose mind also

Solution under the skin


The road is only in the belief.

Space of cloud

Only the light inserted a little

The answer really wanting it

It is likely to teach.


++ Reach ++.


The loneliness

Because it reaches surely

Even if it is painful

The sadness

It doesn't uselessly become it surely.


The shout

Because it reaches surely


++ slowly ++

Requested what


Desert you.

Hoped what

It by being for myself

Because I am afflicted

It was requested.


Carry you out.

It was hoped.

Pains of me are divided.

Defend excluding me.

In the interstice

It becomes impossible to breathe.

It is likely to struggle.

To the interstice

When I exist

There is a thought thing.

There is previously ..that.. the future.

If there is past before that

I who is now also

Moreover, one shape.

Thinking about it

If you afflict me

It is stopped to reconsider.

Without thinking

It bends one's steps quietly now.

To my present self's the state as it is


Isn't it good?


++ shines ++

Ordinary story

Interpretation that is twist it

The color of me some day

It merges in surroundings.

The overflowing desire

It pushed in and it shut it.

It was arranged in an orderly manner.

Like finishing the role

Such a way of life

It is not a translation to be done.

Like finishing the role

Broken toy

I am seen.

It is painful and mortifying.

It rolls in the corner of a room.

It lonesomely lies.

When it is decorated

Though it is painful

Even the existence is forgotten.

Though it shouts in the trembling voice

The desire that began to overflow also

It runs idle now.

The spoken word fades away.

A hollow expression

The shine is lost.

Turning ahead is also painful.


++ lie ++

The distorted desire

To forget

Moreover, it told a lie by one.

Dishonest feelings held in belly

Even I dislike it.

While ..forced smile.. floating it

Daily life when it grew dim

Moreover, one lie is piled up.

The distorted desire

To deceive

Moreover, it told a lie by one.


++ casket ++

Fulfilling already

It was not thought that it was.

It wished to the star at one time.

This transient dream

Room where light was erased

The moonlight streams.

The hand is quietly held up.

Confirm it.

It sleeps in the bottom of the mind.

When peeping at the casket

The story : on the last page.

Though it is necessary to have stopped

It changes to the mirror that moves to the wall.

Appearance of two shadow two

Though it might be painful

Life that starts again in the future

The confirmed contents

It might be steep.

However, let's believe.

Let's accept everything.

Only the reality that is here

Because it changes in the truth

And, now.
It slips out the casket.

With the voice of blessing

The church bell echos.


++ goodbye ++

Time passes as it is.

It has been thought that anything doesn't change.

Everyone changes.

Toward ahead.

Want to be together and indefinitely

It is not fulfilled.


++ corridor ++

When you hear the parting salutation

It seemed to end about this world.

Every day of spending with you

It recalled and tears spilt.

The always gentle smile

I was happy ‥.

At the center of the intersection

It searched for the place to go.

From the tip of a finger

You's face was seen.

That bridge where it often walked two people

It passes still sometimes.

Though those days are recalled

It doesn't always look down.

The road where I walk is a corridor.

Nothing is decided for myself.

At the center of the intersection

It searched for the place to go.

My place to go this time

You may teach ‥ Foolishness.

boy's wind

++ boy's wind ++

Is my voice carried from this place?

Until time etc. when it can encounter it again for the night of no sleep

However, a certain thing mind alone doesn't become interrupted.

I with whom suffering because of not making it to desire going out is filled

Until becoming a wind transiently and ..desire.. intensely

Until catching lightning in a bottle some time

Surely like the boy somewhere of the night some time

To my far promised way to get

I want to leave wind immediate this it that will blow tomorrow.

Then, intense is not understood that much ..no crime it...

By amazed in feelings of the development

Until catching lightning in a bottle somewhere of the night

I think the mind for the encounter again in now.

Meet in the shining town.

Until becoming a wind transiently and ..desire.. intensely

Until catching lightning in a bottle it is a day in what time

Boy's wind

It doesn't forget at what time ….


++ chain ++

It is a quite unpleasant world.

What hesitates.

I became disgusted.

You may become it very.

The word that says is grasped.

Sarcasm is said and endured.

I do not want to become a guy who cools.

It disappears in congestion.

It is in a hurry without making it to what.

There will not be an amusing thing.

Someone, please unchain it.

There is not thinking independently.

I do not want to become a robot.

I do not want to become fellows' toys.

It is a quite cruel world.

Please someone must unchain and shoot it.

In the end

++ In the end ++

The selfishness of me who has come up to now also

It seems to be silly somehow now.

The unity of the companion who has come up to now also

Feeling now that has weakened somehow

The thing alone not done

Me who came

We who happily spent it also

The refuge disappears gradually.

It meets after an interval of years how many.

Even if you ..reminiscence.. discourse

It doesn't go in those days.

We has grown up.

It has come up to now.

I do not change.

Without regimenting me

I want to believe the dream for a long time.


++ silence ++

It doesn't have whereabouts anywhere either.

Truth and false without meaning

Nobody can say.

It is told by nobody.

Closed room

Opponent in borderline

The put intention

Opponent of the door

It is not someone's word.

I want to hear your voice.

Shoreless loneliness

It merges in the ego.

And, the soul is wrapped in the shine.

It disappears in the dark.


++ walk ++

A faint memory was retraced and it began to walk.

There was slightly hope there, too.

However, the dead end arriving ahead ‥.

It was not possible to do kneeling this year.


++ eyes ++

Observed every day

Eyes that watch me

Moreover, eyes that see here.


Is anything appealed?

It is seen on innumerable eyes.

Eyes poured from various angles

There ..there..

Disgust etc. are passed.

I feel even fear.

You were done in such a way.

Is it revenge on fellows?

About what on earth do you think?

Is it an attack to a thing different from me?

The eyes increase the number gradually.

The watched object is sought.


++ foolery ++

As long as it escapes there

The ideal cannot be achieved.

Fruits that foolishness dropped

What you dropped

Even if you advance like inertia

Fruits of the truth are not found.

It is missed to have to harvest.

It runs away from the thing that should be done.

Foolish person

It looks back on the back and all.

As a result

It is understood.

Foolishness is myself.

There was an ineptitude in me.